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Drive Through Communion

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing restrictions, New Covenant Lutheran Church held a drive through communion for Easter 2020.  The church followed the procedure listed below to allow the members to safely take Holy Communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ's sacrifice for our sins so that we may receive everlasting life.

Easter setup 2020

Setting up for drive through communion Easter 2020

flower cross Easter 2020

Grape vine cross decorated with flowers for Easter 2020


Setting up for drive through communion Easter 2020

drive through communion Easter 2020

Distribution of the bread and wine during drive through communion Easter 2020

communion liturgy 2 Easter 2020

Pastor Pawluk leads communion liturgy Easter 2020

wine distribution Easter 2020

Wine distribution during drive through communion Easter 2020

For Easter Sunday,  we will follow the following distribution:

  1. The Service of the Word with Easter Sermon and prayers will be online at our website on Saturday night.  Please watch the message before coming to Sossoman's on Sunday morning.

  2. At 10:30 we will gather in our vehicles  in the parking lot of Sossoman’s  where a communion table will be set up.  There will be signs directing you to make a circle around the building.  Keep driving around the building until you reach the car in front of you.  Everyone will stay in their cars.

  3. Pastor Pawluk will begin the Great Thanksgiving Liturgy for Holy Communion and members can follow on their cell phones using the group phone conference connection.  ( See below) Others may be able to hear him by opening their windows

  4. Pastor Pawluk and the communion assistants will have masks and gloves and will share the meal by offering wafers from a bowl that you take one from.   A bowl of empty communion plastic cups will be available to take one.

  5. An  Communion Assistant will then pour the wine into your glass as you extend it to him from a common cup.   Intinction will not be used.    Used glasses will then be collected in a bowl for proper disposal.

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